The Agent Dashboard gives the B2B agents(Subagents) an online platform to create and manage bookings directly for their clients without any dependency on the Xhost(agents). The system allows the Xhost to manage their B2B agents through a single window with advanced markups and pricing control. The Xhost can now reach newer markets by giving B2B Agent Dashboard and white-label websites on the fly.

Online Portal

Mobile App

Front Desk

Our Offerings

Agent Management System
  • Customizable design and layout

  • Completely integrated into your website

  • Inventory management system

  • Detailed reporting and revenue tracking

  • Generate financial reports and reservation reports

  • Allow passengers to choose their seats

  • Print option to view booking details and print E-tickets

Interface of B2C System


No customization is allowed in standard. It is deployed as it is.


This can be Customized by adding new features or new functionality

Fully Customized

Travel company has a freedom to fully customize the design as per their requirement.

Key Point

Efficiently network cross-unit paradigms for premier technologies scale 24/7 paradigms for process-centric data interoperable.

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